Reverend Timothy Njoya asks Raila to help him rebuild burnt Church

Can Raila help me to rebuild it?

Reverend Timothy Njoya
Image: Mpashogram

The theologian and human rights activist, Reverend Timothy Njoya requested help from Raila Odinga to rebuild the PCEA Kibera church that was burnt down.

Through his Twitter account, he inquired anyone that has close relations with Raila to inform him that he was the one who built the church.

He also went ahead to claim that the maandamano supporters were the perpetrators who were involved in the incident. 



"If you are a friend of Raila please inform him that his comrade in arms, Rev. Timothy Njoya built the PCEA Kibera Church that his maandamano people burned yesterday," he said.  

The theologian explained that he acquired funds from the Germany Embassy to build the church for children.

"The Germany Embassy gave me money to build that church for use by Nursery children."

He then requested assistance from the Opposition leader to help him rebuild the church.

"Can Raila help me to rebuild it?" asked Timothy.

He also claimed that a number of things such as twenty computers, musical instruments, tables, and chairs were stolen from the church.

"The burned Kibera church members were assessing the damage. Twenty of their computers in the adjacent computer teaching classroom, office furniture, the music instruments, church chairs, tables, table cloths, and offering baskets were stolen but things like books burned."

Reverend Timothy Njoya's Twitter account
Image: Twitter

Four days before vexed youths walked into the PCEA church during the evening and set it on fire, Timothy had called for a collaboration between Rigathi Gachagua and Raila.

"I am calling for immediate collaboration between Raila and DP Gachagua," the man shared. 

He stated that the world has more than enough problems as it is and it does not need the two butting heads.

"The world doesn't need their war of words and the deluges of words that break out of their anarchical politics and are terrorizing our schools, markets, farms, homes, churches, roads and offices." 

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