Tizian Savagee, the Nakuru bodaboda guy that has gone viral for his good looks

Apart from being good looking most women were attracted to his smile

Tizian Savagee
Image: TikTok

A Nakuru bodaboda guy, Tizian Savagee has been trending for his good looks after a video of him went viral.

He was first noticed when he posted a video of him a few days ago through his TikTok page, @tiziansavagee. 

The particular video now has 1.5 million views, with close to 131K likes, 4K comments, and added to favorites by 2K people.

Below the video, the words "cutest nduthi guy in Nakuru town" are written.

Nakuru town ended up getting a lot of appreciation from his comment section for not only being a well-developed town but for also producing handsome men.

Most of the people in his comments, especially women seem to think that he looks like the late Jeff Mwathi.

Comments on TikTok
Image: TikTok

From the videos that he mostly records during his work break hours, you can be able to spot his station point due to the Naivas downtown supermarket behind him. 

When it came to Tizian's fans on Twitter not only did they find him handsome but several ladies felt that he deserves to get an ambassadorial job out of his good looks. 

Some of the comments made are as listed below:

@njambifever: Huwa mnasema boychild hawasaidiki. It's now up to you, to make him go viral apate hizo ambassadorial jobs. 

@bevalynekwambo3: Aye @Safaricom_Care @AIRTEL_KE hi very much. This is the face I would like to see on your projects/products. Billboard guy this one.

@Kimspider2: This is where @MikeSonko comes in.

The one thing that most people were concerned about was his age since the guy has a "baby face"

Kenyans on Twitter
Image: Twitter

Well, some might be relived to know that Tizian is a 22 year old with a 6'0 height, but the downside to this is that hii imeenda, the man has already met the love of his life.   

Apart from being good looking most women were attracted to his smile.

Business must be booming for him. 

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