Amber Ray hints on future with Jimal after telling her son Rapudo moved out

Amber and Rapudo broke up a few days ago and she's been more than cordial with her ex Jimal

reveals her son asked about Rapudo's whereabouts
Amber Ray. reveals her son asked about Rapudo's whereabouts
Image: Instagram/Amber Ray.

Socialite and entrepreneur Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray has revealed that she had a sit down with her young son, Gavin walking the kid through her untimely breakup with her ex-fiancée Kennedy Rapudo.

Amber said she had no option as Gavin came home from school to find a half-empty house and had a series of questions because he had gotten accustomed to having his would have been stepfather around.

The social media influencer made the news public through a segment of QnA on her Instagram page.

A curious netizen asked, "have you talked to the kids about the separation? If yes, how are they coping?"

I'm assuming by kids the netizen was referring to Rapudo's kids as well as his teenage daughter had started bonding with Amber and the blended family celebrated her birthday together.

Replying to the question, Amber chose to focus on her son noting that she had talked with him although she tries as much as possible to shield him from her personal issues.

A little had to believe seeing their interaction online and last time she shot a video talking about her ex-fling Jimal she said Gavin had been around and had asked her not to do it but oh well.

"I try as much as possible not to involve my son in my personal issues but after he came back home from school and found the house half empty, I had no option but to tell him all about what was happening and he is okay," Amber candidly replied.

Amber Ray and Kennedy share a family portrait with their kids
Image: Instagram

She went on to hint that her ex-lover Jimal was seemingly still a part of her life and things might have a shot at getting rekindled.

A little weird seeing as Jimal has a girlfriend and the said girlfriend gave birth to their daughter just a month ago but these triangles just seem to keep on getting out of shape.

The story of Jimal came about when a fan asked if Amber and the said businessman were back together seeing as he had gifted her a white range rover, the same as the one that picked up his girlfriend Michelle Wangari Thiongo from the hospital after delivery and he'd also offered the soon to be mom of 2 a job.

"Are you and Jimal back together?" Asked the Instagram user. To which Amber replied cryptically raising eyebrows.

"Ile kuchoka nimechoka I can't handle anything else till I give birth," started off the socialite before adding, "let us see what the future holds."

It is always fishy to me when people neither deny nor confirm straightforward questions. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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