RHON cast Lisa reveals why she agreed to be part of the show

Lisa has revealed why she joined the show
RHON cast memberLisa Christoffersen alongside Eugene Mbugua Lisa has revealed why she joined the show

The Real Housewives of Nairobi cast member Lisa Christoffersen is opening up about why she agreed to be on the show and put her life on the screens for people's entertainment.

Lisa better known as the mzungu, seeing as she is the only white person in the show was introduced to us as an interior designer who also dabbles in curating luxurious safaris as well as driving safari rally vehicles.

The rally enthusiast is also the founder of Lioness Rally, the first women-only rally team in Kenya as well as a business owner.

So with all these bags under her arm, why join a reality TV show that if we are being honest has nothing to do with anything up her alley? Well, Lisa wants to make it very clear it wasn't about the money!

And I might be compelled to believe it because she has tons of it from her businesses and doesn't come off as someone struggling as we barely knew her before the show.

Lisa's reasons are somewhat philanthropic if you may. The mother of 2 insists she agreed to be part of the cast of RHON because she wanted to absolve the backward narrative most white people have when it comes to Kenya and Africa at large.


Lisa is on record for saying she isn’t on the show for the money but joined it to have fun and sell Kenya to the world.

“Honestly speaking I joined for the fun because the money that was offered was so little compared to how much I gave to the show in terms of time but there was a catch.

I know there are mzungus who have never left their countries of birth and are just there thinking is that Africa is this dark place. I wanted to demystify that and the world will get to see this as I take the girls on trips,” said the mother of two.

A month ago, Kenya's renowned creative powerhouse Eugene Mbugua while speaking to Kiss FM's writer, Dennis Milimo revealed that the cast members who feature in the reality TV show underwent tough scrutiny plus auditions.

What were the criteria for picking the cast members for The Real Housewives of Nairobi?

“We wanted people with bigger-than-life personalities, got to be flamboyant, expressive, have colorful lives and they got to add character to the show and I think we ticked our boxes very well. We are happy with the cast.

“We have got all types of personalities there. People from all kinds of backgrounds who have dedicated themselves to this,”. Eugene candidly disclosed.

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