Want to record in Drake's studio? It will cost you Sh 33 million for 1 hr

This announcement comes just one day after the band Sauti Sol announced that they have successfully secured a collabo with Drake

Image: Instagram/Champagnepapi

Famous Canadian artist Drake has offered music fans and artists hoping to enter his recording studio, a unique opportunity.

In a shocking move, Drake has listed his home studio on Stufinder for $250,000 USD per hour, the equivalent of 33 million Kenyan shillings per hour.

The studio is located in his home in Toronto, Canada, and has all the equipment that Drake uses.


In an earlier Tweet, Stufinder said that "We are aware of Drake's home studio listed on our App. We are currently confirming that Drake or his team participated in the listing."

Later, the app appeared to confirm in another Tweet reporting that its users "never need to worry about being scammed on Stufinder."

The description of the ad reads, "Drake's personal home recording studio. Home studio includes special equipment. No engineer included. Drake feature not included."


While the list confirms that neither Drake nor the sound engineer will be included in the booking, it seems that there are already people interested in the position, with rapper Riff Raff being the first to place a request for two hours in Drake's home studio for $500,000 USD.

It remains to be seen how long the listing will be online and who else will apply to record a song at the prestigious studio.

Drake's announcement comes just one day after the famous band from Kenya - Sauti Sol - announced that they have successfully collaborated with the artist from Canada.

However, they did not reveal any more details about whether they had recorded the song in his studio or if they found another studio for him.