Yvette Obura with her mom.
Image: Instagram/Yvette Obura

Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura is loved by many. This is possible because of the way she has deftly handled the singer and his wife, Diana Marua over the years.

Obura rose to fame after it emerged she was Bahati's baby mama.


Before then most people did not know about her. Truth be told she is beautiful so is her daughter Mueni, whom she sired with the 'Mama' hitmaker.


Unlike her 'co-wife' Diana Marua, Obura loves keeping a low profile and rarely shows off her family on social media.

A recent glance at her mum is however proof that beauty runs n the family. Her mum is a true definition of aging gracefully.


Days ago Obura made it clear that she won't be leaving Bahati's life any time soon as they share a child.

In a recent Live session on TikTok, Mama Mueni said she has moved on but people will keep seeing her in Bahati's life since he is the father of her children.

On the live video, Yvette was asked if she had seen the new song by Diana Marua dubbed 'Kurudi Soko'.

She admitted that she had watched the music video. 

"I have seen the song but I am not dating Bahati," she said adding that she has been in a relationship for the past two years.

"My boyfriend is Kamba. Si Bahati pekee yake ni Mkamba. Stop saying I am stuck in Bahati's life yet he is a married man. My God! I have been dating for two years."

She said the fact that he is her baby daddy, she cannot evade being in his life. 

"Ati nimekwamilia baba ya wenyewe, sijamkwamilia, si ni baba wa mtoto wangu, sasa nitafanya," she said. 

Check out more photos of her mom below;

Yvette Obura with her mom.
Image: Instagram/Yvette Obura.
Yvette Obura with her mom and daughter.
Image: Instagram/Yvette Obura.
Yvette Obura's mom with her granddaughter.
Image: Instagram/Yvette Obura