Raila Odinga's daughter Winnie Odinga.

EALA MP Winnie Odinga has expressed her opinion on Lawyer Saitabao Ole Kanchory's book titled  Why Baba Is Not The 5th.

In a text message shared with Kanchory, Winnie who is Opposition leader Raila Odinga's daughter said she was torn between three things centred around the book.

"I'm torn between feelings, vindication and timing," she said.

Nevertheless, the ODM legislator noted that the truth is the truth.

Winnie commended Kanchory, who is also Raila's Chief Agent and referred to him as a moran who dared to say things as they were.

"The truth is the truth and only a moran has the balls to say it. Hongera," she added.

However, the MP warned Kanchory to prepare for the "wolves".

In his book, Kanchory reveals the behind-the-scenes chaos, power struggles and infighting among top campaign managers that could have cost Raila the presidency for the fifth time.

It also talks of how some of former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s senior government officials remained disinterested in campaigning for Odinga and cared less whether he won or lost.

Kanchory also explains that ex-ICT CS Joe Mucheru and ex-Interior PS Karanja Kibicho were engaged in a tussle during Azimio campaigns. 

Raila's Chief Agent referred to his loss as a triple tragedy.

"I refer to Raila's loss as a triple tragedy because, in my view, he was the best president Kenya never had, "Kanchory said.

To beat Raila, President William Ruto garnered 7,176,141 votes representing 50.49 per cent of the total vote, while his rival got 6,942,930, which was 48.85 per cent of the vote.

Kanchory also noted that the ODM party leader lost his presidential bid in the worst circumstances.

"I think Raila is a great man and what pains some of us is that we know he could have taken Kenya to a greater level," he said.