The makeup artist alleges he is dating the famous radio host.
Jony Designer anfd Oga Obinna. The makeup artist alleges he is dating the famous radio host.

Morning Kiss presenter Oga Obinna has refuted claims that he is gay.

The outspoken host insisted that he only beds women.

He was responding to allegations by Jony Hair Dresser who is best known for cross-dressing. 


Jony had appeared on Dennis Karuri's Youtube channel when he was asked to name and describe who his lover is.

"Tell us the name of the person you are dating?" Dennis dared Jony

" Sina mtu. He is a public figure and a celebrity. He works in a radio station. My love Oga Obinna I hope you are seeing this," he confessed.

Dennis reacted by saying he thought Jony and Kinuthia were dating.

To try and justify their relationship, Jony alleged that Obinna has even bought him a house which they are about to move into.

Obinna has responded by saying 

"Sasa huyu ni nani yawa🥺...Mimi ni team ROSECOCO jamani 🙆🏿. I'm LESBIAN," he strongly stated.

Dennis put up a disclaimer saying the video was made for fun purposes.

"This video is all about banter, fun, and games. Don’t take anything seriously. Love and Light."

Check out the video below

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