Rema earned his first million at 17 and gave it all to his mom

The artist famous for the hit "Calm Down" spoke about this while there was a lot of talk about the divorce saga of Hakimi and his wife.

Image: Instagram/Rema

Nigerian Afrobeat music star, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, has revealed that he made one million Naira at the age of 17 and handed over all the money to his mother.

The 22-year-old musician revealed this in a recent interview with Z100 New York.

"The person I knew needed the most was my mother. So, I gave her everything I made.


I know it's everyone's dream to drive a luxury car as a 17-year-old around town.

But I can't drive a luxury car when my mother didn't have a car or my mother has to borrow my keys to use the car. You know, I had to hide it from her first," he said.

"To give her all that, whatever investment she makes... I got my first million [naira] when I was 17 but I got more than a million.


But it's good to be at that stage to be able to provide for your family."

Speaking further, the 'Calm Down' singer said his biggest success is being able to serve his family and create opportunities for others.

"Someone created an opportunity for me to bless the world this much. So, I can't imagine how much the people I helped will bless the world. You know, I go hard not just for myself. I go hard for them.

When doors are opened for me, I want to open doors for people too," he added.

The artist's declaration comes at a time when there is a serious debate on the internet about who a man should give his inheritance to between his mother and his wife.

The chatter was started after rumours emerged that PSG player and Moroccan national team player, Achraf Hakimi  wrote all his assets in his mother's name and not his wife.

This was determined after his wife came to court wanting to divorce the player while demanding 50 percent of his assets.

To her surprise, the court found that the artist owned nothing while all his assets were under his mother's name.