Jack Harlow proclaims himself 2nd best white rapper in the world

Harlow said he only comes second to Eminem

Jack Harlow claims he's better than all the other white rappers

American rapper Jackman Thomas Harlow popularly known as Jack Harlow has proclaimed that he is the 2nd best white rapper to ever grace the world. 

He maintains the title owner is none other than Eminem but besides Slim Shady, no one compares to him.

If you don't know who chest-thumping white boy Jack Harlow is he's a 25-year-old rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. 

His career started in 2015 with the release of several EPs and mixtapes before he was signed to Don Cannon and DJ Dram.

Barely a decade in the industry and he's already launching some serious claims and staking territories.

Jack crowned himself the 2nd best in the game in his new album which he dropped nearly a year after dropping his sophomore album Come Home The Kids Miss You.

25-year-old Jack Harlow returned on Friday 28th April with his latest full-length offering Jackman.

Jack Harlow claims he's the second best white rapper after Eminem
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The second song on the 10-track album, “They Don’t Love It,” sees Harlow boast about his status as the best white rapper since Eminem.

In “They Don’t Love It,” Jack references Eminem's famous "Lose Yourself" line about his mother's spaghetti with the lyrics “The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters / And holds the comments ’cause I promise you I’m honestly better than whoever came to your head right then.”

And then goes on to rap about how he outworks all his Caucasian competition!!!

That’s a tall order, considering not only Eminem’s stature in hip-hop but also the sheer number of rappers Harlow believes he’s leapfrogged to land in such a position.

Obviously, there have been several white rappers who have cut through since Em these include G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), Millyz, Marlon Craft, Lil Dicky, and Action Bronson but doesn't matter Jack says he's better!!!

Jack's latest project is aimed to put the lyrical spotlight back on him after his sophomore album was labelled too commercial. 

Rap fans, what are your thoughts on this? 

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