Rotimi has shared a cute video of their son learning to play the guitar
Celebrity couple Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi Rotimi has shared a cute video of their son learning to play the guitar
Image: Instagram

Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi's first-born child, Seven Akinosho is all grown up and already seemingly taking up an interest in music following in the steps of his star-studded musically blessed parents.

American-based Nigerian artist/actor Rotimi shared a video of Seven who is almost 2 years old learning how to play the guitar. Rotimi revealed the young boy had discovered the string instrument and it was currently his obsession.

In the beautiful video, the actor and his son could be seen bonding as he guided the little boy on how to hold and string the guitar. Seven's joy was evident from the screen as he strung the guitar making low sounds from it.


Captioning the video Rotimi went on to encourage parents to learn to nurture the kids creative sides soon as they start showing.

"Best advice I ever heard was expose your children to as much arts, education and sports as possible as soon as signs of their passion starts to show.

Seven saw a guitar just a couple of days ago and he started asking questions and seemed interested so now you all saw his first minutes with using it," the first part of his lengthy post read.


The proud father of 2 went on to add that he wasn't going to push his son to it but slowly guide him and if Seven was truly interested then its a path they can pursue.

"Not sure how much he will use it or how little BUT putting it in his hands was the key. Who knows maybe my boy will be the next Jimmy Hendrix, it is all in God's hands." The last of his post read.

His fans and followers have applauded the star for being a hands on parent and for the beautiful advice of focusing on other aspects of the childs life minus just studies.

Just a month ago former Tanzanian songstress Vanessa wowed fans after she shared a cute video of baby Seven holding a full conversation.

Vanessa shared a video of the little man happily counting numbers together with his dad.

"Our son is a baby genius," wrote Vanessa

Adding "Seven … the numbers guy 😍 ameweza sana 🙌🏽."

Rotimi on his part echoed Vanessa's sentiments adding that as a father this was one of his proudest moments, "here is a video of Seven being able to identify and say his numbers! He's not even a year and a half yet.

All of my friends and family used to tell me when I have my own kids that they are going to force you to get all emotional over the smallest things lol and guys I am feeling it from this video.

So I had to share it with you! Anyone need help with your taxes DM me now, Seven is taking applications lol."

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