Tanasha announces major life-changing plan as she shades Kenya

The artist revealed that she was working on relocating with her son from the country for good

The singer has revealed plans to permanently relocate from Kenya
Tanasha Donna. The singer has revealed plans to permanently relocate from Kenya
Image: Instagram

Recording and performing artist Tanasha Donna through her Instagram page revealed that she is making plans to relocate together with her son from Kenya.

Tanasha in an angry post shared with her over 3.9 million followers how she was tired of living in Kenya and could not wait for the minute when she would have everything right and finally move out of her motherland for good.

"I ain't going to lie this country is a total mess. I am trying to take my family and baggage and leave it for good." started off the mother of one.


She went on to highlight how in her eyes Kenya was a mess and retrogressive.

"It is a total mess right now!" Added Tanasha.

Finishing off she pointed out all the crazy things that have been happening since the year began pointing to these issues as why she no longer wished to reside here.


"Cause we do progress in various other ways but it is like since 2023 every day something absurd is happening! Kenya wagwan?" finished off the artist.

Tanasha now joins the likes of fellow Kenyan singer and songwriter Brandy Maina who through her socials revealed she cannot wait for the day she gets to leave her home country adding that Kenyans are toxic and undeserving of creatives.

"This country doesn't deserve creatives, I pray we all leave this toxicity!" Started off Brandy in an angry rant on her Instagram stories.

She went on to add, she was overly happy for people like comedian and social media personality Elsa Majimbo who made it big and took the first flight out of Kenya, highlighting that she couldn't wait to do the same.

Continuing her angry post Brandy wrote, 'So happy for Majimbo like damn! God please open my doors, this can't be my home forever.

It be your own that kill you," finished off the artist.

On that list is also digital content creator Shorn Arwa who finally got a a ticket to leave the country and relocate fully to the UK. However, during her send off party Shorn revealed that in as much as she had always wanted to leave and manifested it, leaving was actually harder and more painful than anticipated.

Shorn discussed her fears in a new country especially as a first time mom with a young toddler and the immense loneliness she'd feel being away from her family and life long friends.

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