Kanye West
Image: Commons Wikimedia

Kanye West is back in court to fight another legal battle - but this time, he's the plaintiff and not the defendant in the case.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online on Friday (April 28) show that Ye is making what the site calls a "shocking bombshell", choosing to challenge his former business manager, Thomas St. John, for $900,000, equivalent to 123 million Kenyan shillings for what, he says, was a contract signed under duress.

In his papers, the "Through the Wire" rapper claimed he was sleep deprived and stressed due to his then-imminent divorce from reality TV star Kim Kardashian, leaving him in a mental state that would not allow him to enter into any kind of contract.


"By 2022, Ye's artistic and professional career had deteriorated due to his inconsistent behavior and public statements. He needed guidance from a respected, experienced business manager who could right the ship and steer his career forward," the papers read.

Thus confirming the claim that the contract was unenforceable and was enforced through "constructive fraud."

St. John sued West in 2022 for breach of contract, asking the court to pay him more than $4.5 million.


He claimed that Kanye West refused to pay him the promised 300,000 dollars a month to manage Yeezy's affairs.

The contract, which was supposed to be implemented for 18 months, was abruptly terminated after only three months, which made St. John present the case.

This isn't the only legal battle West is currently fighting. Earlier this month, TMZ obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed by two black women who are suing the "Jesus Walks" rapper's school for allegedly firing them based on their race.

The two women, whose names have not been mentioned, have also claimed that they were fired because they reported violations of education, safety, and health regulations to the authorities.