Teyana Taylor brings packed meal to the MET Gala, celebs react!

The mom of two had packed chicken tenders and waffle fries from a fast food even though MET offers multi-course meals

Teyana Taylor
Image: Instagram/Teyana Taylor

American actor, dance choreographer/ singer and songwriter Teyana Taylor had MET Gala attendees completely shocked and later on in stitches after she pulled to the star-studded high-end event with packed food!

The mother of 2 clearly wasn't taking chances given all the hate the MET Gala meals received from some of the attendees.

I mean she didn't even give herself a chance to hate the food at this year's Met Gala, Teyana brought her own meal a full Chick-fil-A combo that turned heads at her table!!!


Sure the Met Gala offers multi-course meals for its celebrity guests but Teyana Taylor opted for a different option.

The 'Bare with Me' singer came prepared with some chicken tenders and waffle fries that she plopped on the table unembarrassed next to her supplied dinner plate of the evening's menu which included salmon, asparagus, and baby vegetables in lemon crème fraiche.

No shame at all!!! You have got to love the woman although that was really shady.


The R&B singer was put on blast by her ex-Good Music label mate Pusha T for her spread of chicken tenders and waffle fries paired with Polynesian Sauce. Pusha quipped she was embarrassing the tribe.

Teyena Taylor packed meal at the MET Gala
Teyena Taylor packed meal at the MET Gala
Image: Instagram: Pusha T

He shared a few videos showing Teyana's packed meal all opened and plopped on the table and captioned it, "Teyana is embarrassing me. She brought Chic-Fil-A to the MET Gala. I want her away from me. #Harlem."

Still not sure of he was joking or not.

From Pusha's videos you could see some disapproving looks being shot at Teyana and her plate from other celebrities who were on the table with them.

He followed it up with another video in which the 31-year-old artist was seen enjoying her food with Usher laughing next to her.

Celebrated veteran R&B artist Usher later popped up on the table and playfully concealed Teyana's unauthorized eats but miss body goals wasn't having it and she continued to munch on unbothered.

"Usher tried to stop her..." Pusha captioned the video.

As Teyana sees it, the boys were jealous because they were left with a measly-looking pea porridge while the boneless and breaded goodness was all for her!!!

Teyana Taylor brings Chic-Fil-A to the MET Gala

On her Instagram page the model captioned a video of her showing Pusha T's pea soup next to her meal and captioned it, "it is two types of people.

Last year, Lizzo went on an epic rant about the 2022 Met Gala shading everything especially how terrible the food was. Teyana must've seen that and decided she ain't taking chances!

Lizzo went on Instagram Live and totally trashed 2022's Met Gala last May ... complaining about everything from the booze to the photographers snapping pics.

She filled her fans in on how unglamorous fashion's biggest night really is, at least to her ... first complaining about the "Long f***ing line" she had to wait in. She added there was no place to sit, either -- saying "B***h? Can we get some chairs or some drinks or some hors d'oeuvres?"

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