Ababu Namwamba
Image: Instagram

Youth Affairs, Sports and The Arts Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba came under fire from Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei for allegedly failing in his mandate.

Speaking during Senate proceedings, Cherargei said Namwamba was not doing enough to grow sports in the country.

“He finds time to interact with content creators on Tik Tok. They are good people but where is football, athletics, and volleyball? Why is the CS concerned so much about social media content creators and not traditional sports,” he posed.


The Nandi senator said the CS has not been proactive in rejuvenating sporting activities ever since he assumed office.

“The CS must go back to default settings. He must re-examine what he needs to do. Sports is dying and someone is busy hosting content creators who will not assist the country to move forward,” he added.

Cherargei lamented that Kenya does not seem to appreciate sportsmen and women when they jet back into the country from international competitions.


“When they come back, the only gift the ministry gives them is a Masaai cloth. In Uganda, they get a car, a house and Head of State recognition,” he added.

He said the country should double its efforts to grow sports.

“We need to create sports academies. The Premier League in the UK is making money from all angles.  The sporting world is so huge and lucrative,” he said.

He regretted that children in urban areas have no playing grounds because most of the public land set aside for them has been grabbed.

“The CS must tell us what he is doing about sports academies. Sports Fund money was used for campaigns in the last elections I want to challenge the Labour and Social Welfare Committee to tell us what is happening to the Sports Fund,” he added.

He said money allocated to the Sports Fund should be used only for sporting activities.