Francis Atwoli and Mary Kilobi.
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Days after COTU Boss Francis Atwoli declared that his wife enjoys taking care of him, Mary Kilobi has taken to her social media to respond to Kenyans bashing her.

Mary has told off naysayers, telling them she is a submissive wife.

"Si mliambiwa Kazi yake huyu dada? 😅. She enjoys it. Kuvalisha BAE viatu na kumpa dawa na kubeba boarding pass ni kitu ya kuchokesha mtu?🤣."


She added;

"Na niko na Masters kumbuka💃 Ooh mimi siwezi kutoa mtu mzima Socks... Ooh mimi siwezi pea mtu dawa... Wewe kula ujeuri wako😅. #Submission101 Mawe rusheni mtoe stress😅😅.."

Atwoli confessed on May 1, why he married his wife Mary. He told that she takes care of him, as age catches up with him.

He said she will protect his wealth, plus ensure he takes his medication for good health. Mary is a KTN journalist. Atwoli is 73 and Kilobi almost half his age.

“Mary’s job is to check whether I have worn my socks properly and if my shirt is well-ironed. The right time for me to take medicine, she reminds me,” Atwoli said.

He continued to say he would have hired an assistant to keep his documents safe, but they would steal from him.

“If I employ someone else as my personal assistant, they will steal from us. If I want to go abroad, Mary makes sure I am not late and the tickets are okay. That is Mary’s work,” Atwoli said.