Spotify Equal names Maandy ambassador of the month

They settled on her due to the way she boldly and unapologetic-ally claimed her space in the music industry

Recording artist Maandy
Image: Instagram

Spotify’s Equal Africa programme has just announced this month's ambassador and it is none other than fast rising recording and performing artist Maandy.

Maandy is known for hits such as "Hivi na Hivo" and "Sirudi Home" IN the short span that she has been in the industry she has bagged collabos with music big wigs such as Sauti Sol's Savara, Mejja, Trio Mio, Breeder LW and Ndovu Kuu just to mention but a few.

Each month, Spotify names an Equal Ambassador to honor game changers across the industry

Announcing the young artist as their ambassador of their month the program noted that they'd settled on Maandy as she was boldly and unapologetic-ally claiming her place in the music industry.

Speaking about the ambassadorial position Maandy said being selected had helped reinforce the idea that she is doping something notable.

"Navigating a male dominated industry requires composure and a lot of resilience.

As intimidating as it might get sometimes, one has to realise they have just as much right to occupy these spaces," the "Sirudi Home" hit maker said.


"Being part of the equal program means a lot to me, I feel seen and appreciated for my work as a woman in the music industry."

maandy named spotify ambassador of the month
Image: Instagram

Maandy knows all too well about the struggles of being a female in the industry and having your success either linked to men or your looks and not your talent, grit and hard work.

Last year Maandy found herself in the middle of a controversy that saw her trending on twitter.Some netizens had launched rumours claiming that the artist slept her way to the top of the music industry.

The comment posted online went like this;

“Maandykabaya is a perfect example of females who made it in the industry by offering herself to producers if you know what I mean.”

Maandy was not too happy about it so she responded by saying that she is aware of people saying that she slept her way to the top.

“Huko clock app wanasema nagawa mbaya,” she commented.

(I’ve heard people claiming that I have slept around to gain my popularity.)

The ‘relax’ hitmaker continued to say that if she was indeed sleeping with producers she would be at the top of her game.

“If I was to use my body to get ahead, ningekua Grammy's nikipigana na Beyonce , si hapa Ungwaro,”  she stressed.

(If I was to use my body to get ahead, I would have been at the grammies by now, giving Beyonce a run for her money not here in Ungwaro.)

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