Machine Gun Kelly goes after Jack Harlow with fire diss track

Machine Gun Kelly has responded to Jack claiming he's the 2nd best white rapper

Machine Gun Kelly disses Jack Harlow in new freestyle, claims he's the s=2nd best white rapper

"Bad Things," hitmaker Machine Gun Kelly has entered the chat for the now seemingly coveted "second greatest white rapper" debate after poster white boy Jack Harlow declared himself heir apparent behind the reigning title holder, Eminem.

It seems as if it is the battle of the whites season down in the US as every white guy in the rap scene is desperately trying to clinch the title. That also tells you that Eminem is slowly fading from the picture as lions don't fight the leader of the pack unless he's grown weary.

We all know MGK's style and genre of music gravitates towards more of rock and roll even though he does a little rap here and there. He is well noted for his genre duality across alternative rock with hip hop. 

However, it now appears he just dipped his toe back into the rap genre and he wants the biggest slice of the pie.

The father of one just dropped a new freestyle in which he comes guns blazing with sick bars marking a spot for himself in the rap world as he also takes an explicit shot at Jack, no going around corners.

Love how no one is confident enough to claim to be the best and is willing to settle for number two though.

Kelly ferociously raps over Jay-Z's "Renegade" beat, which also features the GOAT himself, Slim Shady a seemingly well-calculated move from MGK as those two are some of the biggest names in the industry.

Jack Harlow claims he's better than all the other white rappers

As a matter of fact Hoover was named the greatest rapper of all time by Billboard.

"Make sure there's no confusion // I'm a great white, I can eat their barracudas... I see why they call you Jackman // You jack man's whole swag // Give Drake his flow back man." MGK raps.


The freestyle is unmistakably in response to the claims Jack made in one of his tracks from his new album where he rapped, "the hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters // And hold the comments 'cause I promise you I'm honestly better // Than whoever came to your head right then."

A claim caused a firestorm on Twitter.

The interesting bit about this diss from MGK who infamously tried beefing with Eminem himself once upon a time is that he used to be buds with Jack.

I mean if you all recall he hopped on the guy's remix to "Whats Poppin" a few years back, but I guess that is the industry for you.

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