Usher breaks silence after fight with Chris Brown

It seems RnB heartthrob Usher is taking the high road and being a bigger person after the crazy disagreement that ensued between him and Chris Brown yesterday evening.

Usher has broken silence and confirmed that he is still going to perform at the 'Lovers and Friends' concert in L.A which is slated for today where he was going to be sharing a stage with CB.

The singer posted a couple videos of himself backstage at the Lovers & Friends concert, with his face in full view of the camera and it appears there are no visible signs of injury or any bruising.

But we all know something went down between him and Breezy however, Usher ain't letting on on the squabble and appears to be suggesting he's quite alright and ready to get on with it.

So what really happened between the two besties?

Multiple outlets report that Usher and C.Breezy got into a heated argument last night which apparently led to some sort of a scuffle that got violent outside.

Reason for the scuffle? Well it is something along the lines of CB's ego getting injured if the reports are anything to go by.

Chris was celebrating is 34th birthday at Skate Rock City roller rink in Vegas and had invited a lot of his celebrity friends to come over and celebrate with him.

Things unfortunately got ugly in the wee hours of the morning when Chris was attempting to talk to Teyana Taylor, who was also in attendance and sitting on a bench just outside of the rink. However, for whatever reason Teyana was ignoring him and that seemed to anger the birthday boy.

Clearly triggered he started to yell at her and that's when Usher intervened and tried to calm him down. 

But Chris was already pissed at this point and  wasn't having it.

He apparently started cursing at Usher and Teyana but mostly focusing his anger at Usher.

Eventually, Chris told his crew they were leaving and they exited the facility.  Usher took off his skates and went after them and that's when things got crazy.

TMZ reports that an eyewitness , who says they were present for this, told them they saw Usher go behind a string of charter buses that were parked in the lot where Chris and his crew were at. A short time later, Usher emerged with what appeared to be a bloody nose.

It is still unclear if the RnB heartthrob went to the hospital, or if a police report was filed.

Meanwhile Teyana and Chris have all been radio silent this morning with none of them having said a thing yet to confirm or deny a report initially put out by Hollywood Unlocked, which broke the news of a fight between the two R&B superstars/friends.

However, Teyana who was among the biggest CB supporters in Hollywood has unfollowed the "New Flame" hit maker.

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