I've prayed a lot! Thee Pluto on how he's been battling depression

2 weeks ago Pluto had announced he was battling depression and it was taking a toll on him

Thee Pluto gives an update on how he's been dealing with depression
Image: Instagram/Thee Pluto

Digital content creator/forex trader Robert Ndegwa popularly known as Thee Pluto has finally updated his fans on his well being 2 weeks after announcing that he was seriously battling depression.

The father of 2 had a candid moment with his girlfriend Felicity Shiru on her YouTube channel where he revealed what he'd been up to and how he's currently fairing on.

Speaking with Felicity he said, "mimi sijakuwa mahali... but unajua sometimes taking a break from social media is good.

I was actually to take a longer break but my friends and my fans told me Pluto pale mtandao hakuna kitu we can't see anything so I decided to come out. I was keeping myself busy with farming while I was on the break. I wasn't idol."

He went on to reveal that he was doing better now as he thanked his fans for the love and support.

"I'm good and healthy and I thank God, btw I have prayed a lot over the past few days." Added Thee Pluto.

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru
Image: Instagram

The digital content creator finished off by giving his baby mama her flowers and commending her on being a strong lady despite all the hate they've been receiving on social media. He also encouraged his fans to always pray, even for their haters and enemies.

2 weeks ago the digital content creator asked his fans and followers to pray for him as he wasn't doing well.

The father of 2 took to his socials to share that he was depressed and it was killing him slowly.

“Honestly, I'm losing it. Depression is eating me slowly from the inside. Pray for me," Thee Pluto wrote on his Instagram stories.

In his public appeal, the YouTuber admitted that he is being consumed by depression and is slowly losing it. He went on to highlight he'd be taking a social media break as he works on his mental state.

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