A woman who allegedly visited a Prison Canteen and ordered drinks and goat meat worth Sh35,000 has been charged at a Kibera court.

Judy Chelimo Boswony was charged before Senior Principal Magistrate Monica Maroro where she denied the charges.

She is said to have committed the offence on April 14 at the famous Prison canteen at the Wilson Airport in Langata subcounty within Nairobi.

The court heard that before her decision of making orders, the woman had said that she was to pay for the same a fact she knew to be false.

She was also charged with a second count of malicious damage where she is said to have willingly and unlawfully damaged the glasses belonging to the Prison Mess Canteen, Wilson Airport.

The woman also faced the charges of creating disturbances in a manner likely to breach the peace.

"The Canteen Manager who was at his home received a phone call from the canteen that there was a client who had refused to clear her bills and was causing disturbance at the facility," the police said, 

He then left his home, went to the canteen and found the accused person making unnecessary noises and breaking glasses and orchestrated his arrest and arraignment.

In court, the accused person denied the charges and pleaded for lenient bond terms.

The court released her on a cash bail of Sh50,000 with a surety of the same amount.

The court also directed that she be supplied with all the witness statements and documentary evidence that the prosecution intended to rely on during the entire trial.

The case will proceed later this month for further directions.