Murugi Munyi angrily calls out the government

The influencer highlighted they were stressing small business owners

The content creator furious with Kenyan government
Murugi Munyi The content creator furious with Kenyan government
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and entrepreneur Murugi Munyi has taken to her socials to express her displeasure with Governor Sakaja's government faulting them for making things extremely hard for small business owners.

The mother of 2 went on an angry rant detailing how the city council frustrates businesses to the extent of people giving up as the losses they incur due to the harassment are unbelievable.

"Doing business in Kenya is such a frustrating thing!" Murugi angrily said.

She agitated entrepreneur went on to add:

"Like it is so frustrating that I can completely see and understand why so many small businesses close down.

Because we have a county government that is constantly saying how they are committed to supporting small businesses but then they don't act like it!" 

Murugi recounted one of the promises that Governor Sakaja had made while running for office while asking what had happened to the idea.

 "When Sakaja was coming to government and I'm sorry to make this political but he said that we are going to move to having a single business permit.

So it will be like we are operating with a single license, what happened?"

Murugi Munyi angry with the county governemnt
Image: Instagram

The content creator then went on to reveal what had brought about her angry rant.

"Last week when I was in the UK... people from the City County, like the county government came to the place where my boutique Wild by Murugi is located and they were harassing people.

Literally my employees were panicking, they were scared shirtless.

This is me trying to enjoy my time on vacation and all I'm doing is trying to call people back in Nairobi asking them to go help my employees because the county officials were harassing them." The entrepreneur angrily said

She added that the officers harassing people didn't even have the correct details.

"And what I find so frustrating is that it wasn't for anything particularly wrong that they had done but they kept quoting and saying that the management of the premises that we are have not adhered to the county rules which actually has ended up being fake because the plot number that they were quoting is not where we are on as the whole premises."

Murugi angrily pointed out that the officers had even gone ahead to arrest some of the employees there.

Murugi Munyi also reffered to as Yummy mummy
Kenyan content creator Murugi Munyi also reffered to as Yummy mummy

"Can you believe that they even arrested some of the people who have shops in that building? Like they took people who don't even own the businesses, they're just employed there!

I had to video call the officers at my shop so that they can l;eave my employees alone. It was so traumatic! I was so angry and as you can clearly see I'm still so angry!"

Why should people constantly be in few for when kanjo comes to your premise? It's unfair because even though they're trying to enforce something why harass businesses like this?

It's like they are trying to frustrate you to closure not motivate you to have everything in check. Like help you know/understand everything you should be having and a much more positive attitude." The last of her angry rant said.

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