Jaguar promises to post his baby mama's on Mother's Day

CAS Jaguar promises to post his baby mama's on mother's day
Image: Instagram

CAS Charles Njagua popularly known by his stage name Jaguar has promised to post all his baby mamas online on Mother's Day as a token of appreciation for the beautiful kids that they've blessed him with.

He however joked that he wasn't sure if they would all fit on one Instagram post.

"Sunday nitawawekea... lakini sasa watatoshea kwa hiyo nini kweli? You all have said it is Mother's Day so I'm out here wondering in one post if they will fit." Said the Kipepeo hitmaker as he burst out laughing leaving everyone to wonder how many baby mamas exactly did he have.

The politician who just recently made a comeback to the music industry also opened up on what he feels is the main reason why most men never post their spouses online but are comfortable showing off their kids.

Jaguar maintains, for a lover you can never be all too sure if they are truly and exclusively yours but as for the kids, those are your babies and they won't embarrass you.

He however pointed out that he is in a relationship however his partner doesn't like social media or being in the spotlight and he has to respect her wishes.

"Naweza kusema niko happy, nikona watoto. Nawapenda sana, kama vile unaona kwa social media. 

Ni vile ile kitu unaona, mimi kama mwanaume niko na mama, sisemi sina mama, na ninamheshimu sana na hapendi maneno ya social media. 

Lakini ile kitu naweza sema kwa mwanaume ukiwa na watoto, watoto ndio wako kabisa bana. 

Ndio maana mimi nakwama na watoto wangu... lakini mama hapendi maneno ya social media," he said. 

The nearly-appointed CAS revealed all this during an interview with several local media houses that was posted on the Nairobi News YouTube channel.

The CAS has never been shy about posting his little girls and boys on his social media pages fully pampering them with love.

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