Kanye West set to trademark Yeezy sock shoes

Recently, Ye's Mascotte Holdings Inc. submitted a patent for "YZY SOCK SHOES."

Kanye West
Image: Adidas

Despite losing favor with many people and businesses, award winning rapper and entrepreneur and music producer Kanye West is still actively developing, as seen by a recent trademark application.

Recently, Ye's Mascotte Holdings Inc. submitted a patent for "YZY SOCK SHOES."

While there isn't a lot of information in the paperwork that was submitted on the 4th of May this year there is an identification that states, "Socks; socks with leather soles."

Kanye is, of course, no stranger to shoe designs having worked with international powerhouses such as Balenciaga and Adidas.

In fact, he was seen wearing what appeared to be a pair of socks-style shoes back in 2019. As a result, it's probable that he will introduce the item to the general public.

However, there is a possibility that the father of 4 may run into difficulties finding a retail partner because, as you may know, Adidas severed connections with him following his repeated assaults on Jews and his public support for Hitler and the nazis.

But it is important to keep an open mind as it is still currently unknown what kind of infrastructure still exists in the company's back office. He could always sell under his own Yeezy brand.

Adidas said earlier this week that it would sell the remaining $1 billion+ in Yeezy sneakers it still has in stock. The rapper will receive 15% of sales, and some of the proceeds will also go to charitable organizations. Even though the decision has cost the firm millions in sales and has it facing its first annual loss in more than three decades.

Chief executive Bjoern Gulden said the company was still working out how the sales would happen.

"What we are trying to do now over time is to sell some of this merchandise... burning the goods would not be a solution," Gulden said at the company's annual shareholder meeting.

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