Obinna reacts to male fan who got a tattoo of him

Oga Obinna reacts to man who got a tattoo of his name
Image: Instagram

Former Kiss FM radio host and digital content creator Oga Obinna has been left stunned and equally impressed after a male fan got a tattoo of his family name.

Obinna took to his social media platform to share photos of the guy who had gotten inked on his upper chest, next to the shoulder.

The man in a bid to show his undying love and support for the funny man and his family had gotten a tattoo of Obinna's YouTube channel that he has dedicated to his 4 kids.

Sharing with his over 553 thousand Instagram followers Obinna posted the photo of the guy who had opened his shirt and was showing off the tattoo which read, "Obinnaz" accompanied with a love heart.

Obinna who has tattoos of his kids went on to marvel at the young mans act of love writing, "Wooooooooi🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺.HUYU AMEPENDA WATOTO WANGU HADI AKAJITATOO JINA YAO JAMANI!!🤔🙆🏿🙆🏿🤯🤯Chinekeeeee!!🥺"

He also shared a screen grab of a direct message that the 20-year-old had sent him explaining his obsession with the Obinnaz and their YouTube channel.

Obinna went on to detail why he'd started the YouTube channel in the first episode highlighting they've never been scripted and everything he posts online is just his family raw.

"I started @theobinnaz YouTube channel to help other parents realise you don't have to be a perfect human to be a good parent and also help kids understand parents have their ups and downs but they try their best mostly.🥺

The episodes aren't scripted and when we watch We Learn, We laugh, we cry & We grow pamoja as we make more parents embrace parenting.🥰

My kids are the Best thing to happen in my life, as much as I wasn't ready or organised they somehow give my whole life meaning." The former radio hosts post read.

He went on to add:

I just wanted to share that with the world.✌️They pushed me to create their IG, Tiktok and YouTube for fun.🙏🏾

We Didn't know they would have so much following and genuine Love from strangers. I meet people nowadays all they do ni kunituma na salamu..salimia the Obinnaz blah blah.

Other parents are naming their kids after my kids, learning a thing or two about parenting from me (another amateur parent) and now mpaka tattoo zinawekwa.❤️‍🔥Sijui Niseme...🙆🏿 I wasn't ready @zagakenya" The last of Obinna's post read.

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