Juliani and Lillian Ng'ang'a
Image: Instagram

The love and peace of mind that singer Juliani is getting from marriage is becoming more clear.

Julius Owino aka Juliani is currently out of the country where he is on private engagements, and has taken to his social media to celebrate his wife Lillian, and how she has changed his life.

Captioning a photo of Lillian when she was heavily pregnant, he delightfully told her that she is his world.


That was for his Mother's Day message and lovingly called her Mrs. Owish

"Min Ler hapa alikuwa mja mzito lakini mapua hauku fura.. She carried it gracefully and with love mang'eng. Happy mothers day! Mrs. Owish," he captioned a picture of a heavily pregnant Lilian.

Lillian herself was happy to be marking her first Mother's Day and wrote saying, "My 1st #mothersday 🙂 I don't know if my heart can be any fuller!"


Mama Utheri as she likes to refer to herself has been enjoying the fulfilling life and blessings that motherhood gives her.

Their son is Juliani's second child. He shares a daughter with actress Brenda Wairimu.

Juliani in 2022 told Hot 96 in an interview that he met her when he was practicing celibacy. He considered her a friend who bonded with him over spiritual matters.

"Nilikuwa celibate hiyo time ata sitaki story ya manzi ju nilikuwa space poa sana but vitu zikatake tu shape yake venye inafaa but wasee walitry kuipush into something that it was not which was sad...." he told Patrick Igunza in the studio.

They wed in Feb 2022, in a private ceremony.