Crime Scene

A man who decided to go have fun with his side chick was reported to have died shortly after arriving at the house.

According to information that was published on Twitter by a lawyer, the beauty works at the national youth service organization.

According to the lawyer with the name @bolanlecole on Twitter, the deceased left home at around 5:30a.m in the morning to visit the beautiful woman for a quickie but sadly he passed away while 'on duty'.   

He said the wife of the deceased could not believe that her husband had died until she saw his dead body.

He tweeted; "A man left his wife on their matrimony bed around 5:30am in the morning to a youth Corper’s house he was having affairs with only to die in active service while performing an extra marital’s duty.

It was a family friend that called the wife and passed the information to her the wife who didn’t believe until she saw the lifeless body. What a sad day."

The statement left Twitter users with many questions, some trying to balance what they would do if they found themselves in the same situation as the late's wife.

"God has forbidden that. But if I were his wife, I will not drag any case, because it serves him right. I'll just put my hands on my chin to check," one said.

"Mixed feelings for a woman, she will be angry because she died on a woman and also be sad because she lost her husband💔💔💔" another named Naom said.

"If I were his wife, I would tell the person who called me to inform me to convey the information to his parents so that they can go and identify the body of their child,"  another said.

If you were the wife of the deceased, what would you do?