Meet man with the strongest hair in Kenya (Video)

Ango can pull a track full of people with his hair
Ango Musungu, Kenyan man with the strongest hair in the land Ango can pull a track full of people with his hair

A Kenyan man has left people stunned after an intriguing video of him pulling a car using only his beards surfaced online.

The man identified as Ango Musungu claims to have the strongest hair in the land and possibly world. Ango revealed he has never shaved his hair for decades and that is where his strength lies.

Ango's hair is so strong that he actually even uses it to lift kids up with it as demonstrated in a video posted by YouTuber Afrimax. In the said video the 70-year-old man can be seen with his beard and hair braided into long thick braids.

He can be seen pulling a truck with several passengers in it, with just his braided strands of hair as onlookers cheer him on. In another shot, he is seen lifting a little boy up who has been crossed in his braids.

Onlookers cheering for the Busia man unable to believe that a single man can actually pull a vehicle on his own teamed up to see if they can pull the vehicle just as Ango had done but the 5 that decided to give it a go terribly failed.

According to people in his community, Ango is considered one of the strongest hair men in the world. And they've stopped doubting he uses black magic after totally examining Ado's ways.

Several internet users who saw the video have taken to the comment section to liken him to the Biblical Samson.

On how he figured out his hair contained such strength Ango says it came to him in a dream one night.

"I had a dream where I couldn't push a car using my arms and then I used my hair and I could pull the whole car by myself.

After a few days, I did it in real life and it worked. At first, people thought that I was using black magic or that someone was driving the car."

The super-strong hair man has many other talents including performing acrobatics and karate. He is married to five wives and has 19 children, with over 30 grandchildren 

"I married many wives because of the enormous power I feel inside of me. My wives also loved me because of my power and I was also a good-looking man." Said Ado.

Below are a few comments from Instagram users:

Ire_ye_mika: Samson of our time🤭🤭Make Delilah no find you o😂🙏


Stephen_u.u: This man deserves a Guinness World Record!! I don't think anyone has broken the world's strongest hair record

Chukzwrld: These people should be on Guinness World Record but nobody is talking about them possibly becoz they’re black , I don’t know 🤔

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