Image: Instagram

With the tough economic times, rapper Nyashinski shared a light moment with his fans on social media.

The 'Free' hitmaker said at this point, guests visiting him will have to bring food.

"Hii economy ukinitembelea kuja na food otherwise tutakula positive vibes na stori za jaba tu 😂," he wrote.


(With this economy, when you come to see me, bring food otherwise we will eat positive vibes and stories)   

Just recently President William Ruto has announced a raft of tax proposals that will negatively affect Kenyans' spending power. 

One of the proposals is that employed Kenyans will start contributing 3% of their income to a Housing Fund.


He said this was part of a plan the state will soon introduce and that the contribution will help civil servants purchase houses built under the Affordable Housing project.

"To enable many Kenyans to buy houses under the affordable housing project, we have a housing fund to which we want every Kenyan to contribute three percent of their income.   

If you earn Sh10,000, three percent is Sh300 every month which goes towards the fund," Ruto said.