Mike Sonko
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is embroiled in a war of words with Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai after he attacked him for flaunting over Sh30 million online.

In a tweet, Alai, reposted Sonko’s video, calling him out over his behavior. He went ahead to advise the former County Boss to never seek validation from his wealth on social media.

“The fact that you can operate a camera and display a ward of cash doesn't make you rich. You can be having some wads of cash while upstairs, wewe ni maskini wa ki akili.


“Jamani, tafuteni knowledge, and wisdom. Gig piny bura oloyo. Never seek validation from Netizens,” Robert Alai told Sonko.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Sonko hurled unprintable insults at Alai advising him to mind his own business.

He went on to offer to teach Alai some leadership skills stating that he (Sonko) has helped many people with his money even before the MCA was a nobody.


“I wish mamayako angekuzaa hii wakati. Ndio ungenipa some respect…Let me teach you some leadership skills wewe. Kichwa kubwa lakini akili iko kwa kinyambio.

“Maisha ni yangu. Wewe nyamaza m*k&nd& wewe. Yako ya Mca umesaidia nayo nani?...Have you any done any Harambee in your ward to help in any needy case or in luo Nyanza,” Sonko fired back at Alai.

At the same time, Sonko’s daughter Thicky Sandra is busy out here defending her father against online critics.

“Guys please stop attacking my father in that video everyone gets upset and if it were you in that position you would have flipped even worse yall don't see things from his point of view but then so quick to jump to conclusions his human to abeg!,” Thicky Sandra said.

On Monday night, Sonko stirred jealousy and envy in equal measure after posting a video showing off his wealth with an impressive show of force.

In the video, the politician can be seen opening huge suitcases full of wads of cash in foreign denominations as he called out a certain person for doubting his wealth.

"Ati sina pesa kwa sababu si saidi watoto," he started. "Nani ali kwambia sina pesa!?" an upset Sonko asked the unnamed person who had gotten his goat.

"Sina pesa ya kuharibu na watoto. Hii pesa ni ya kuharibu na mabibi wangu!" he went on.

Not only that, the proud businessman went on to insist that the money he was showing off was just 'pocket money for car fuel'. (Talk about a humble brag!)

"Hii ni millioni mbili (pointing at the pocket money) Hapa yote ni millioni thelathini (Sh 30 million)."