Anita Nderu excitedly shares daughter's latest achievements

The former radio presenter was blessed with a baby girl in August last year

Anita has revealed her daughter has started crawling
Media personality Anita Nderu holding her baby girl Anita has revealed her daughter has started crawling
Image: Instagram

Media personality/Emcee and digital content creator Anita Nderu is a proud mom following the latest achievements that her baby girl has crossed off the bucket list.

Full of pride and joy, Anita shared a video of her young one cooing and clapping her hands while seated on a baby chair after a hearty meal.

"Kaya has learned how to clap and it was so cute to witness 😍 Her whole journey from being in my womb to creating her own identity has been interesting, cute, hard, and weird to watch😲" started off the former radio host.


Anita went on to highlight how she has been learning motherhood through experience as no day has been the same as the other.


"I learn on the job, every day is not the same🤗" Part of Anita's paragraph read.

The proud mom went on to add, that besides clapping her little girl was teething another pointer of how big she was growing.


"She is about to be 9 months in and 9 months out😀 I am typing this at 04:44 am because Ky is teething and is struggling with sleep, so we are just hanging out," stated the new mom.

However, the biggest development and one that she wasn't ready to come to terms with just yet was the fact that Kaya was now crawling meaning she would be up on her tiny feet soon, and that kind of made Anita anxious.

"She is crawling now too! I shall share evidence of that when I have accepted it 😅" finished off the fashion enthusiast.

Anita also went on to add she was excited to be back in Nairobi and was planning on taking over the city full force.

She went on to ask people to let her know their current favourite eateries or the newest hotels in Nairobi as she wanted to explore new spots outside her usual spots.

"Feels great to be back home! I had missed Nairobi! Super excited to galavant this weekend and see my people🎉🎉🎉

Please drop a comment below of your favourite eateries or new eateries in Nairobi? I want to explore somewhere outside my usual spots🤗

If you are an eatery business feel free to mention yourself too ❤️" Anita excitedly wrote.


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