Chameleone's mom blames men for modern relationships failing

The artist's mom faulted men for ruining relationships by not treating women right

Jose Chameleone's mom faults men for failing relationships

Ugandan artist  Jose Chameleone's mother has faulted men in society for the ladies acting out and relationships failing.

The artist's mother who goes by the name Proscovia Musoke made the strong remarks while speaking during an interview with Ugandan media house Bukedde TV.

Mrs. Musoke maintained that when men sideline their duties in a relationship that is what causes their women to act out and relationships to get more complicated.


The conversation came about after the interviewer complained that women these days were a menace.

"Your daughters became a problem!" Started off the interviewer. The artist's mom clearly thrown off by the statement asked for elaboration on what the host meant with the said statement.

He, however, let it slide and asked her to instead give some words of advice to the women.


"First give them some advice...." added the host.

Letting out a little chuckle Musoke went on to ask yet again, "What problem?"

"Give them some tips... how have you been able to do it for 50 years... These girls just want transport money...." the host quipped.

Giving in to the constant pushing Mrs. Musoke replied saying, "Why don't you want to give it to them?

A woman has to be given. You don't know that?"

She went on to add, "You're the cause of all these problems among girls... You don't give them transport money. Do you want her to walk on foot? It's a man's responsibility to financially support his woman.

Is that also an issue, asking for transport?" Chameleone's mom added.

Mrs. Musoke is married to Gerald Mayanja and the two have been together for so many years.

They are blessed with super-talented kids who have been making airwaves in the Ugandan music industry and across East Africa as well.

Their kids include Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone his younger brother Pius Mayanja, aka Pallaso, and Douglas Mayanja, professionally known as Weasel.

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