Pastor Ezekiel Odero
Image: The-Star

Followers of Pastor Pius Muiru on Wednesday morning thronged the Maximum Miracle Center to meet embattled Pastor Ezekiel Odero. 

The church was filled to capacity forcing other faithful to follow the preaching outside the church and along the streets of Nairobi. 

"Kwanzia leo nimepona na nimeokoka," followers shouted outside the church. 


They said this in 'command' of Ezekiel who instructed them to repeat the words after him. 

The followers caused congestion, hindering traffic flow of traffic in and out of the stage at Odeon and adjacent streets. 

Ezekiel is visiting Muiru's church for the first time after his release. His followers and Muiru's all converged at the church to listen to his preaching.


He was released on the condition that he reports to a police station once a week or as required by State.

Ezekiel was also ordered to refrain from talking about the Shakahola issue.

The preacher is under investigation over the alleged indoctrination of his followers.

He is currently out on a Sh3 million bond with a surety of a similar amount or an alternative of Sh1.5 million cash bail.

Pastor Ezekiel has been linked to controversial Malindi-based preacher Paul Mackenzie whose 800-acre farm where over 200 bodies have so far been dug out from dozens of shallow mass graves.

He has, however, denied any wrongdoing.

New Life Prayer Centre and Church was registered on September 11, 2012, under registration number 3877.

The church stands on plot no. 916, Shanzu but the postal address is P.O Box 685-80109, Mtwapa.