Lupita slays after covering her bald head with henna

The actress also revealed the reason she decided to put the art on her head

Lupita Nyong'o covers her bald head in henna

Award-winning actress/ model Lupita Nyog'o is back again with another jaw-dropping 'fashion statement' after she shaved her head completely bald.

The "12 Years a Slave" actress posted several photos and videos of her bald head covered in henna art as she went on to reveal how scared she was at first before coming to the decision.

Lupita revealed she chose to paint her head to honor and celebrate South Asian customs during the opening of Monsoon Wedding Musical, which follows two Indian families as they come together for a wedding.


Sharing the photos, Lupita captioned the post, "THE STORY OF MY HEAD" as she went on to narrate how she landed on the decision to paint her head.

"I met @hennabysabeen last year at a wedding in Pakistan. She did the #Henna Design for the bride and I was ASTOUNDED by the INTRICACY and BEAUTY of her work. There was something unique about the way she expressed herself in henna art. And I promised myself, "One day I will have a reason to work with Sabeen." Started off the 40-year-old.

She went on to add how the idea appeared to her at night and she couldn't go back to sleep as she obsessed over it.


"In the middle of the night, an image SHOT into my mind of a henna design covering my bald head!!! I could do something special and different, to celebrate the culture using the canvas readily available to me! I was so excited by the idea that I could not go back to sleep," Lupita wrote.


She went on to add how it was scary for both her and the artist as this was a first for both of them.

"Sabeen had NEVER designed for a head before; I had never done such a thing before either. My only prompt to her was that I wanted a widow's peak (homage to the bindhi, borla / maang tikka), the rest was ALL HER INNOVATION.

We were both excited and terrified. What if it went wrong or looked funny??? Well, I thought, I can always wear a head wrap...." part of her long Instagram post read.

She finished off by highlighting what the whole experience has taught her as she encouraged others to learn to spread their wings.

"When we looked at the finished head... we were both GRINNING! It takes about 24 hours for the dye to really show up and when it came in FULL CONTRAST the next day, I was simply MOVED.

It was beautiful. It was bold and elegant; it had a point of view. We had not played it safe, and it had paid off. And I had found a new way to express myself without hair!


So the moral of this story is: Dare yourself to seek out beauty in new ways," Lupita finished her long post.

In less than 24 hours the post has over 222.3 thousand likes  and over 2.3 thousand comments from fans and followers all letting their mixed reactions be known

Most are however praising her for her confidence and creativity. What do you all think about Lupita's new hairstyle?

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