Freshly Mwamburi
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Freshly Mwamburi is widely known for his famous hit song "Stella Wangu."

As well as being the first guy to be served 'character development' really hot.

If you are unfamiliar with the oldie, Freshly sings about a lady whom he was madly and deeply in love with.


Due to this immense love, he paid for her studies in Japan hopefully waiting for her return.

But when Stella returned Mwamburi was hit with the shock of a lifetime.

At the airport where he had excitedly been waiting for his lover, Stella alighted the plane with a baby cradled in her arms with her short Japanese lover by her heal.


This greatly broke him and on the 17th of May every year Freshly recounts the betrayal he left,

17 years later, Stella (not the real one) finally responded to her former lover in a song of her own.

The Stella cover has been done by an upcoming singer called Kayte Melo. She is heard telling Freshly that he misunderstood the situation which captured the attention of many.

In the song, Stella tells her part of the story revealing she was returning to Kenya happy to reunite with her lover Freshly, maintaining that she never betrayed him nor their love.

The lady narrates how, while onboard the plane, she sat next to a Japanese man, his wife, and their child. The couple was friendly and they alongside Stella all shared their personal stories.

Stella recalls how she added with pride and joy how Freshly had paid for her education. 

She went on to note that while alighting since they had built a rapport, Stella was carrying the couple's child, a decision she has come to regret.

According to her account, she noticed Mwamburi did not seem happy seeing her carry a child. "Niliona mpenzi kasononeka akainamisha kichwa chake na kuondoka kwenda zake" she sang.

Without saying a word to her, he shook his head and walked away dejected and in anger.

Stella narrates handing the child back to its parents and quickly chasing after her lover in a bid to explain herself but he had already boarded his car and drove off in anger.

"Akainigia kwa gari lake na kuendesha kwa kasi mno nikitazama "

She notes she tried writing multiple letters to him explaining the situation and calling for the to work out the situation but to no avail. She tried getting his friends to intervene but by then Mwamburi had moved on.

Do you believe the narrative?

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