Khloe Kardashian opens up on getting back with Tristan Thompson

The pair has two kids together

addresses rumours that she's back together with Tristan Thompson
Khloe Kardashian addresses rumours that she's back together with Tristan Thompson
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American reality TV star, model and entrepreneur Khloe Kardashian is finally clearing the air on the rumoured romance between her and her baby daddy NBA basket ball player Tristan Thompson.

Over the last couple of months netizens have speculated that the two might have rekindled their romance and are now back together. Especially after the cute birthday posts Khloe shared during the basket ballers birthday.

Part of it read, "continue to make your soul proud... Happy birthday baby daddy."


There is also the fact that her big sister Kim Kardashian along with her daughter North West last week Friday were at the court-side of the Los Angeles Lakers game. And Kim's first born was seen with a sign that spelled out her uncle’s name in Lakers purple and gold.

Now Koko is addressing the rumours once and for all letting the world know where her relationship and the father of her kids stands at.

The Good American Jeans CEO revealed that people read too much into things and there is nothing going on between her and Tristan besides co-parenting.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian
Image: Instagram

“Stop pushing this narrative. It’s tiring!" Started off the mother of 2 in an angry Instagram message.

Khloe went on to add that she was frustrated of people coming up with their own versions of her life no matter what she said, "but I suppose you guys will continue the narrative you want regardless of what I say so what’s the point.”

“It’s exhausting but I learned people will only understand to the level of their own perception.

Most are stuck at believing the lies because it’s the narrative they want to fuel. Have fun…. Some things are just as simple as they seem.” The last of Khloe's Instagram post read.

She also addressed Kim's appearance at her ex's sporting event.

"A family member supporting another family member ESPECIALLY during a difficult time in life example…. just how I support Scott and will forever support him. He’s my brother... It’s just not on an nba stage.

Sad new world, If there’s no photos people think it really didn’t happen but yes, I see Scott often. Some things really are just as they are." Signed off the model.

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