Maliha Mohammed
Image: Instagram

Kenyan Chef, Maliha Mohammed is targeting to break her former Guinness world record of cooking for 75hrs.

While at it, she also wants to break Chef Rata London's record of 85hrs this coming August.

In order to do this she has set aside a series of cooking marathons that will spread between the months of May to July in order to achieve her goal.

On the 26th of May, she is set to hold the first cooking marathon in her home kitchen and cook for 45hrs straight.

For her to do this, she needs to have enough ingredients and supplies for her kitchen. Her friends and family have already volunteered to be part of the team assisting her.

She has put up posts and videos on Instagram asking people to come out and support her in whatever way possible.

She has even put out her Mpesa number in case people would like to give in terms of cash.

While speaking to a writer at Mpasho News, she disclosed that she has only received support from the public.

It would be a good show of faith if brands that deal with foodstuffs reach out and offer their support in helping her to attain her dream.

If she beats this record and gets to the Guinness Book of World Records, she will have put our country on the map.

Since she does fall under creators, some help financially from the county government of Mombasa as she is a resident of Mombasa would also be a good show.

Just like chef Hilda Baci received support from Nigerian brands as a country we need to start supporting our own.