The exquisite and the oh no: AMVCA 2023 red carpet review

The top dressed are celebrities who totally understood the assignment when it comes to combining elegance, uniqueness and individuality all in one.

The 2023 Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards that went down over the weekend saw stars in attendance share their stunning outfits on social media. 

In this article we will be looking through the stunning outfits that stole looks at the red carpet... and a few that shouldn't have made it out of the closet.

The top dressed are celebrities who totally understood the assignment when it comes to combining elegance, uniqueness, and individuality all in one.

First off, The Best Dressed:

1) Akin Faminu

A tux does not have to be boring or basic black and Akin totally got the memo! The pairing is exquisite! I don't know I totally feel about the shoes and ankle-length pants but Akin looked like 10/10 minus nothing. The layering of the suit and the jewellery married perfectly.

Akin Faminu
Image: Instagram

2)Nse Ikpe-Etim

The actress looks glorious! The royal purple is just royalty itself! Also the minimalist look of the outfit in a world that is obsessed with crystals and pearls.

Loved the neckline as well and how she accessorized it with a simple diamond necklace.

3) Venita Akpofure

Stunning! Simply stunning!

A pretty balance of artistry and foxy with the black lipstick and the blonde hair marrying perfectly. Face card served! Venita ate and left no crumbs

Venita Akpofure
Venita Akpofure

4) Elo Onam

The content creator/actor and TV show host broke out of the norm in this blue suit and I am all here for it! The shoes complimented the outfit well! The choice of blue as opposed to the usual black or coal grey totally worked for him.

5) Nana Akua Addo

Creativity at its best! It is giving body, art and that extra dazzle of uniqueness, artistry and creativity that most people fail to attain! Nana went above and beyond the box.... and she fully delivered! Her tailor as well!!! 

Girl didn't just serve she was the whole menu!

6) Ini-Dima Okojie

The actress's outfit is the pure definition of a little goes a long way! Her elegant body hugging dress complimented her body effortlessly! Everything is so calm and elegant, the flow of her outfit just radiates zen.

I also love the fact that she didn't struggle with adding extra decorations on the outfit or go crazy with feathers and all.

Ini Dima Okojie

The next are outfits that really shouldn't have made it to the red carpet. The celebrities looked like they were trying a little too much or simply just missed the memo and had only 2 days to prepare.

7) Sandra Essiene 

The model/brand influencer and TV host definitely missed the assignment... she clearly didn't even have notes.

Her dress was literally just a plant field with nothing stunning to it. I wonder how she was sitting with this gown. Also the colour combination of blue and purple doesn't go well together. The pearls and gloves are already too much... too busy actually given the fact that the bottom of the dress is oversaturated.

8) Zozibini Tunzi

The former Miss Universe 2019 didn't live up to the expectations.

Her makeup and hair was on point but the dress though! First off the Chinese colour on the dress wasn't working. And then choice of fabric!!! I'm not sure if faux leather or nylon but it looked cheap and tacky.

Also what are the fathers for?

9) Linda Osifo

I feel as if the model/actress and TV host would have looked better without the leaf like additions on the side of the outfit as well as the top of her dress. I feel like it could have been better.

It is like she was trying to embody her inner Cardi B with her oyster dress but failed miserably.

Linda Osifo
Linda Osifo

10) Sifa Osei

The jumping castle should have just stayed at the kids park! This dress just wasn't it. The bottom part fabric choice is a big miss! The top part is so basic if we are being honest.