Paula Kajala and Rayvanny
Image: Instagram

A few hours after Raymond Mwakyusa aka Rayvanny and Paula Kajala engaged in an online war while throwing heavy insults at each other, Frida Kajala has finally broken her silence.

Through her Instagram account, she published a serious message which showed that she is on the side of her daughter, in relation to the dispute with the Bongo singer.

According to Frida Kajala, Rayvanny is guilty of all the things her daughter said but blames her instead to suit his agenda.


"Manipulation is when they blame you for your reaction to their toxic behavior, but never discuss their disrespect that triggered you," she posted.

Fridah Kajala's post.
Image: Instagram

During their spat on Instagram, the two pointed fingers at each other about their broken relationship last year.

Rayvanny who recently reunited with his baby mama Fahyma claimed that the daughter of actor Kajala betrayed him.


"I knew you were sleeping with my brother whom I respected a lot in my music and you know we respect each other a lot, that's when I changed my mind," Rayvanny claimed.

Paula however noted that she never betrayed the boss of Next Level Music during their one-year relationship.

In addition, she claimed that Rayvanny was not faithful because he would cheat on her with Fahyma.

"I stayed with you for a whole year, everyone knows we broke up when you were with me and your woman.

You wanted me to stay with you when you hide from me, when you go to your woman you say I'm bothering you, when you come to me you say your woman is bothering you," Paula answered.

The 20-year-old model explained to Rayvanny that she was aware of his actions and then took the step to leave him.

"Stop making people look bad. Do you know how much I sacrificed for these relationships?? Why don't you tell my friends that you slept with them in your car," Paula asked her ex-boyfriend.