Inakaa kiberiti- Krg the Don on Vincent Mboya's new car

The artist asked Mboya to work hard and purchase a bigger more luxurious car

KRG the Don disses Vincent Mboya's new car

Dancehall artist and entrepreneur KRG the Don has told content creator Vincent Mboya to work harder in life so that he can stop driving a matchbox around.

This is after Mboya called the artist to share the news that he had bought his first car.

Mboya excitedly told the "Mambo Imechemka" hit-maker that he wanted to come around and show him his new car and let Bughaa bless it. KRG turned Mboya's request down saying he was in the Masai Mara currently.

He however could do the blessings over the phone which the content creator happily accepted.

"Gari ya Mboya should behave vizuri kama gari, isikuangushe chini, ikusaidie ikupeleke mahali utapata content, mambo iendelee kuchemka, uendelee kupata pesa na upate hata bibi," started off the father of 3.

The self-proclaimed billionaire then proceeded to poke fun at Mboya's first car. He, however, accompanied the taunting with an encouraging as he asked the content creator to work hard and buy a bigger more captivating vehicle.

"Na ununue gari kubwa. Hio umenunua unajua ni size ya kiberiti lakini tia bidii utanunua gari kubwa,

(And you should buy a big car, you know the one you just purchased is so tiny it looks like a matchbox. Work hard, then you'll be able to buy a big car," KRG said.

Vincent Mboya showing off his first car

Mboya in disbelief burst out laughing and asked the Don if he was serious in his statement to which the artist replied yes.

"Si ni ukweli inakaa kiberiti," Bugha repled before adding, "lakini ukitia bidii vile nimekwambia utaweza kununua gari ya kifahari,"


A few days ago, digital content creator Vincent Mboya acquired his first car, a Suzuki Solio.

The YouTube creator took to his socials to share first a picture of him standing in front of the vehicle alongside a guy who handed him a brown envelope, probably containing the vehicle's logbook.

Mboya could be seen smiling from ear to ear unable to hide his excitement.


"My new ride!" Vincent happily shared on his stories with Timi Dakolo's 'Everything (Amen)' playing in the background.

He accompanied the photo with a video of him having brought the car home to show to his beloved mother.

Vincent's mom could be seen going around the car in silence sprinkling water on it. The digital content creator went on to reveal that the act being showcased was his Catholic mom in fact blessing his car.

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KRG the Don disses Vincent Mboya's new car