Gaucho vs Gachagua.
Image: Courtesy

Azimio's staunch supporter Calvin Okoth Otieno aka "Gaucho", has made a strong statement to the government and this time targeting deputy president Rigathi Gachagua after his release on bail.

Gaucho told Gachagua that he was elected to work for the people of Kenya and not to go everywhere threatening the people by claiming that he is a son of Mau Mau.

According to the government critic, even he is a son of Ramogi but he does not go everywhere pretending to be.


"I am telling Gachagua, my friend, you were not elected to threaten people with Mau Mau.

Supposedly if you go to a place it is mau mau, if you go I don't know where it is mau mau, you were chosen to keep Mount Kenya equal in matters of milk, coffee, tea leaves, and matters of Miraa in Meru.

You were not chosen that if you go everywhere you are a child of mau mau, even I am a child of Ramogi and I don't brag," Gaucho said candidly.


Previously, according to the DCI, Gaucho had been brought to the Kiambu court and charged with trying to cause trouble but he denied it and was released on bail.

"Earlier today, Calvin Okoth Otieno aka "Gaucho" was brought before the Kiambu courts on charges of causing trouble contrary to section 95 (1)(b) of the penal code.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and was released on Sh20,000 bond or Sh5,000 cash bail,” DCI reported through their social media.

Gaucho has been clashing with government agencies for the last few days for his meetings of the people's parliament where he strongly criticizes the government.