Massawe Japanni, Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami
Image: Instagram

Celebrity couple Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy have revealed that they separated for about two weeks last year.

In an interview with broadcaster Massawe Japanni, the two explained that they went their separate ways following a domestic dispute.

Nadia revealed that her husband left the house after they quarreled.


"I left under a bit of pressure.  You know when you're with your partner and then you see things go wrong, sometimes it's good to give yourself a chance," Arrow Bwoy defended himself.

He pointed out that the pride between them made them not sit down and resolve their dispute.

Nadia admitted that she was overwhelmed by many things that hit her after giving birth early last year.


"After giving birth and trying to lift myself up. It was difficult for me. I went through depression after giving birth," Nadia said.

The couple revealed that after about two weeks, Arrow Bwoy returned home and they resolved their dispute.

"We sat down and talked. He didn't apologize. He just came and asked his son to come," Nadia Mukami said.

Arrow Bwoy said, "I heard the things she was going through and I saw that it was not easy. I thought I should calm down. I was not giving her time to sit down."

In the interview, Nadia also revealed that she lost her beautiful voice after giving birth, which set her music back.

"I lost my voice. My lungs were pushed up when I was pregnant. My voice was not right. I was struggling to record new music," he said.

She pointed out that many things she faced after giving birth contributed to their short-term separation.