Boyz II Men
Image: Instagram

The Boyz II Men concert is just around the corner with the dates fast approaching you need to take a look at your outfit and preplan what you'll show up with.

Preplanning your outfit is important as it avoids any last-minute mishaps and maybe if you need to grab something from the store to spice up your look you have time.

After spending the amount of money you spent to buy a ticket, you need to come correctly dressed and match up to the standards of this one-of-a-kind experience.


Keep in mind most of the people around you are of a mature setting and you might just rub shoulders with the CEOs and the who's and who's of society.

It is also an overnight event we wouldn't like anyone to catch a cold so warm dressing is a must.



You can never go wrong with throwing a long or oversized sweater into your outfit.

You can wear some plain jeans and a pull neck with some ankle boots or sneakers to bring the look together.

A bodycon dress with a long waterfall-like sweater.

If you are one for freeze and shine then a little slip dress will do with an oversized blazer or a trench coat.

Throw over a scarf to accessorize the look but to also keep you warm.

Splash some nice fragrances especially oil-based perfumes, something sweet and fruity so that in case you get a little sweaty it doesn't sting those around you.

A tiny sling bag or a waist bag would be good to keep your essentials and valuables.


Men you would want to keep it simple don't do too much.

Good pair of jeans with a plain shirt or colorful if you are into color.

The shirt can either be a t-shirt or an official shirt, throw on a sweater/cardigan to keep warm.

You can pair the whole look with a trench coat, or a simple jacket.

If you fancy hats then try on something like a fedora, boater, beret, Panama, and a baseball cap.

Accessorize with a good watch, some rings, and a necklace if you fancy jewellery.

Above all don't forget to be warm enough and carry a Shuka if you may or a blankie to keep you warm.