Kamene Goro.
Image: Instagram

Media personality Kamene Goro has thrown fire at people who thought she would suffer and struggle after her time at a KIss FM ended.

The beautiful woman who tied the knot in April with her boyfriend DJ Bonez used her Instagram to go hard at all those who filled her pages laughing and mocking her after announcing her departure from the radio.

In her post, she laughed at all those who were waiting to see her struggling and said that it is not his portion to suffer.

"I'm sorry that I'm not suffering as much as you wanted me to. It's not my portion...”

The beauty wrote in her new post. Since leaving the radio about two months ago, Kamene has been collaborating with his girlfriend DJ Bonez in hosting parties at clubs, especially in the coastal region of Kenya.

In April, Kamene and Bonez had a private wedding which was attended by a few of her friends including Jalang'o who leaked photos from the event.

However, the netizens were not short of words and started to attack the announcer saying that she went to a man who is not of her status, some even saying that she was in charge of all the expenses of the wedding, even the honeymoon.