Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

On Tuesday, Senator Karen Nyamu had to explain why she never reveals the father of her first child the same way she brags about the father of her last two children, Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh.

On her social media accounts, the mother of three shared several videos and photos after attending the Sports Day event at her son, Sam Jr's school with fellow parent Samidoh.

Under the pictures, a fan wanted to know why the senator is not doing the same with her other baby daddy, DJ Saint.   


"And why do you always post the father of your first child?" an Instagram user asked her.

Senator Nyamu sarcastically replied, "Because people post their exes." DJ Saint is the father of Nyamu's first child.

The two dated for a while before going their separate ways. Last year, the Saint spoke about how their relationship of several years had become toxic saying that his work as a DJ contributed to their bad relationship.


"As a DJ I often interact with women, a female fan can go on stage and give you a kiss on the neck while asking for a song and Karen couldn't bear it.

Even if she didn't cause drama at the event, when we get in the car to go home, it's a drama all the way home," he revealed.

DJ Saint added that they argued every day and it caused tension that led to their separation.

"It was war after war, and when I decided to leave, we had reached a point of no return.   

It was always an argument and I thought it was not right for us to raise our son in that environment.

I decided to give her a chance and it was fine. It was poison, everyday fighting," Dj Saint continued to narrate.

He said that Karen is a good mother and noted that they cooperate well in the upbringing of their daughter.

Speaking in an interview with Alibaba on Radio Jambo in 2021, the father of two said he met Karen at an event where he was performing as a DJ player.

"I met Karen before I became a politician. She was a lawyer and I was at the DJ event," he said.