Joshua Oigara

Joshua Oigara, the CEO of Stanbic Bank Kenya is a man who believes in endless possibilities and making dreams come true.

"I am inspired in creating an impact, inspiring change and I believe the future belongs to the doers."

While speaking to Maina& King'ang'i on Classic 105 he spoke of how this edition of the Stanbic Yetu Festival is dear to him. To him, Stanbic is a bank that believes in dreams and nurturing them to life.


That is why they are a part of the Yetu festival showing people that it can happen by being able to bring the two biggest boy bands in the world and the African continent respectively on one stage.

To him, this is a game changer for Kenya's music scene. Oigara admitted that he had even gotten calls from friends and associates about how they were travelling to Kenya specifically for this concert.

Uhuru Gardens venue is also dear to him as this was a place where history was written for our country.


"Associating such an iconic moment with Kenya's most iconic place, I couldn't think of any other better place. I want people to experience the rebirth of our founders, as the public has not yet had a chance to be in the new Uhuru gardens."

Maina Kageni interviewing Joshua Oigara

He described the festival as a magical musical experience and a once-in-a-lifetime moment that he was looking forward to. 

The popular CEO stated that his favorite songs were End of the Road and One Sweet Day, which is a collaboration with Mariah Carey.

To Joshua music is the way to connect life and society together, "We are creating new heroes for our country on Saturday and we aim to mark moments by using that venue."

Stanbic is Africa's largest bank and their ambition is for new beginnings and hence why they have a program investing in start-up businesses and women entrepreneurs.

"The Stanbic Dada program is there because women are game changers in this industry and we allow them to build their dreams as they fly, 80% percent of businesses in Kenya come from women entrepreneurs and they are taking the continent to a higher scale."

He revealed that with the program they aim to reach 1 million women entrepreneurs by next year. He also spoke on the startup funds that help young people to grow their dreams and talent but don't have capital.

"We have a catalytic fund we put in funds for startup businesses and for us, we help you give you knowledge and capital and we build you all round by also connecting you to the right markets."

Joshua urged young people who would want to invest that they shouldn't be scared of the challenges as one can never make progress without challenges, "Look at your challenges as possibilities and opportunities".

He believes that this edition of the Stanbic Yetu Festival is going to plant a new seed, create new heroes and start something new for our generation.