Diana is demanding Bahati buys her a new car, phone and relocate the family to a bigger house in Runda
Diana Marua and Bahati. Diana is demanding Bahati buys her a new car, phone and relocate the family to a bigger house in Runda
Image: Instagram/Diana Marua

Digital content creator/ aspiring musician Diana Marua also known as Diana B has listed a set of demands for her baby daddy gospel artist Kevin Kioko popularly referred to as Bahati.

Diana is demanding for Bahati to relocate the family to a bigger much grander house preferably in the suburbs of Runda as well as buy her a new car as she is insanely bored with the "outdated" Mercedes and Prado that they have.

The mother of 3 also complained over the fact that her man no longer surprises her with grand gifts intimating things had gotten boring as the 'Adhiambo' hitmaker was no longer as romantic as he was back then.

Diana maintained her demands were not crazy as she knows her baby daddy is wealthy and can make it all happen.

"There are new car models, new houses have been built, it's not like I'm not appreciating but I know you can afford. 

That is why I'm coming to you... It's the fact that I know he can do better than this. I want you to do it for me, because I'm your baby girl. I want you to put me huku juu ndio watu wajue Diana is married to mtu ako juu kabisa," Diana argued her case.

Bahati was a little stunned to speak as he didn't see anything wrong with their current place of residence leave alone their cars which he maintains are practically still brand new.

He argued that he didn't see what his baby mama was so plastered about as everything of theirs was working perfectly fine but his girlfriend wasn't having it.

After a little back and forth Bahati asked Diana to exclusively state what she wanted and without hesitation, she launched her demands.

"I want you to upgrade my phone, I want you to upgrade my house I want you to upgrade my cars. I want an iPhone 14 Pro max, I want a car, a Range Rover, a bigger mansion in Runda or Karen, babe kasirika," Diana excitedly said urging her man to show his might and meet her demands.

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