Azziad Nasenya
Image: Instagram

Azziad Nasenya is a girl who trends often in the Kenyan online space. She has been the subject of discussion over the last week, particularly over her trip to Dubai and the shoes she was spotted wearing.

Netizens alleged that she shares shoes with a vocal politician from Western Kenya.


Azziad on Saturday spoke to YouTuber Vincent Mboya where she addressed that matter. She was on Saturday attending the launch of Bic in Nairobi at TRM.

"Honestly it's life, I trend every time," she told the content creator.


Azziad returned to Kenya to attend the Talanta Hela Initiav launch at Sathe House on Friday, June 9.

"People are mad. But it's fine, it's okay to be mad if you are mad you project it on me, at the end of the day you have blocked your own blessing."

Mboya asked Azziad to encourage girls who feel peer pressure to measure up to live the soft life

"The world is crazy, me that is what I can say right now. People are crazy, things are crazy. Imagine ombeeni mungu. I always talk o God I talk to God a lot. There is no Azziad without God ok. So know yourself, love yourself the way you are, and be confident in yourself. Know that when someone else is shining it does not mean that you can't shine.

The Sun and moon both shine, but at different times. My rules are always four. Pray to God, work hard, do not just work hard, work smart, it's very important, mind your business, learnt mind your business. If it does not bring value to you as an individual or make you a better person, or add zeroes to your bank account, it's not worth minding. and lastly, imagine choosing kindness," she shared her tips.

The shoes particularly were rather of interest. Her word to haters?

"Stories no mob. But you know what we move on regardless. One thing that I always say people should notice is that till now people talk and talk and talk. But things keep moving I keep soaring. I keep getting to heights that I never knew I would get to. Imagine it God, na Mungu asha sema yes no one can say no, no matter who you are."

"Imagine ni life, economy imepanda, vitu zimepanda sukari ni bei ya cement," she laughed as she continued "People are mad. So it's fine, it's okay to be mad. But I always say this if you are mad, you project it on me. At the end of the day, you have blocked your own blessings. So hasira ndogo ndogo isifanye ujifungie baraka zenyu. But also it's life, imagine not everyone is gonna love you move with the ones who love you."

She tells how she feels when she trends. "It's life, it's been life I trend almost every other month, I just live, nothing changes," she ended.