Dj Fatxo
Image: Instagram

For the first time, Mugithi artist, DJ Fatxo has revealed the reasons why he pierced his ears, despite people who pierced their ears being associated with things that are not accepted in the traditions and customs of many African societies.

Speaking to Obinna on his Kula Cooler show, Fatxo said that he was brought up in a very devoutly religious family to the extent that he never got any tattoos on his body or pierced ears, until he started to be associated with the death of Jeff Mwathi a few months ago.

According to him, for a while, he lived knowing that people with pierced ears are gay, and he decided to protect himself all that time so that he wouldn't be labeled as gay.


Fatxo even said that after Jeff's death, he was also mentioned as a major suspect, and even other allegations were made that he was gay and that the young man might have been raped before his death.

So he decided not to let the world see him as it wanted and decided to pierce his ears.

"For us, if you draw a tattoo, it is a very big thing. For us, if you get your ears pierced, it's a big deal. I lived to protect myself all that time and it's high I'm afraid. In our country, I used to hear for a while that people with pierced ears are called gay. Now I saw that I have lived to save myself all this, and then you call me something that I have never been in my life, I pierced my ears to tell the truth. I pierced," Fatxo said.

"I decided to live my life, not to please anyone, just to please God," he added.


The artist emphasized that he is not gay and has never been involved in homosexuality, saying that he is dating a beautiful woman.

"Look at me carefully, do I look gay? I'm not gay.  I would like those who say that to name one person that I have ever seduced. I'm not gay and I can't be gay... I have a very beautiful girlfriend and we've been dating for the second year," Fatxo said.