Azziad Nasenya
Image: Instagram

After being questioned about her purported termination from Talanta Hela Council, well-known social media figure Azziad Nasenya found herself leaving an interview with Mwende Macharia of Radio Maisha.

The incident, which was caught on a TikTok live feed from the radio station, triggered a contentious discussion over the lines between journalistic reporting and individual privacy.

Mwende brought up the subject that they had ostensibly agreed not to talk about, and the conversation took an unexpected turn. Azziad instantly voiced her disapproval.


She left the studios after being asked a question that, in her opinion, was inappropriate and went against their previous agreement. She protested by leaving after feeling surprised.

Mwende, citing her position as a journalist, defended her path of inquiry. For the interview to make sense and give the public pertinent information, she claimed that bringing up the contentious firing was essential.

In Mwende's opinion, Azziad's "no comment" in response to her question was a reasonable response, hence there was no need for her to leave.


Watch the video below;

The incident emphasizes the fine line between a reporter's duty to pose critical questions and respect for the interviewee's boundaries.

While some contend that Mwende's inquiry was required to give a full picture, others believe it went too far and failed to show empathy or respect for the interviewee's wishes.

Finding a balance between journalism's obligation to inform and a person's right to privacy is still a topic of debate in a time when the media has a big impact on narratives and the public's view.

The situation involving Azziad Nasenya and Mwende offers a chance for reflection and a reassessment of journalistic standards in a constantly changing media environment.